Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

The absolute trends in interior colors this year are imitation of nature and nostalgia for the 70s. Let’s see what natural phenomena inspire the Pantone Color Institute and the leading paint and varnish brands, which favorites they have chosen, and what message is behind the fashionable shades in the interior of 2021.

Sun and straw

The main authority, predictor and legislator of color trends is the Pantone Institute. In 2021, the Pantone research Center chose two shades of the year at once: “Ultimate Grey“, which should symbolize perseverance, and “Illuminating” — an optimistic shade of yellow, as a symbol of faith in the best.

Shades of yellow appeared in the fashionable color palette last year, and this year they have become one of the main interior hits. And if over the past few years we have become accustomed to seeing yellow in the interior dosed, as bright accent strokes, then in 2021 the shade is used on a large scale. And not necessarily paired with a gray one.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

Any interior in the rays of the sun gets a more cheerful look. Therefore, as doctors prescribe vitamin D to us, designers “prescribe” optimistic yellow shades to apartments suffering from a lack of sunlight.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

Yellow organically combines with the natural color patterns and visually warms the room, even when it is cloudy weather outside the window. If last year the fashionable colors in the interior were more striving for neutrality, now they are striving for warmth.

Cumulus clouds

Tikkurila experts have chosen the light blue color of the summer sky as the main fashionable shade of 2021. The shade is called “Cumulus”. In nature, this phenomenon occurs on clear, warm days. The shade with a poetic name, according to Tikkurila experts, symbolizes hope for just such a clear bright tomorrow.

Last year Tikkurila chose a warm shade of “Lemonade”, which called for enjoying life, this year the leading paint and varnish brand offers to look at the sky, be inspired and believe in the best.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

Heavenly shades appear in most fashionable palettes. If in 2020 the main character was “Classic blue” – a shade of the twilight sky from Pantone, this year light blue tones with a departure to the gray or green spectrum receive more attention.

Heavenly shades work well surrounded by other natural colors, make the interior cooler, fresher, and more airy. In interiors with a Scandinavian flavor, light blue is the new white.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

One of last year’s favorites is still relevant — the candy mint color, but now it is lighter and used on a larger scale.

Beige again

“Calm, only calm” is the main fashionable colors motto in the interior of 2021. Warming yellows and inspiring celestial tones perfectly get along with neutral sand and earth tones, which encourage you to stand firmly on your feet.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

This year, the Dulux paint brand has pinned its hopes on the earthy beige shade “Brave Ground”. This neutral color, which the brand representatives also assigned the epithet “encouraging”, conveys an important idea: “we must draw strength from nature.” The official press release of the brand also reported that the shade of fertile soil “gives a sense of confidence and calmness”.

Anti-stress beige tones in the interior are absolutely universal and work well with both neutral natural colors and more saturated colors, which also appear in the fashionable Dulux palette, as a reminder of the diversity of the natural world.

Rust and a retrospective

Interior designers continue to declare their love for the 70s of the last century. This year, the list of trends that made a comeback from the stylish decade has been replenished with warm shades.

Not only shapes and textures are in fashion, but also the color scheme of the 70s.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

In the 70s, earthy, spicy yellow and red-brown tones were popular, which this year became the favorites of all authorities from the world of colors.

Color trends: all about fashionable shades of 2021

The hit of 2021 promises to be a rusty-red muted shade, reminiscent of clay heated by the sun. This bold rich color can be used as an accent or large-scale-as a paint for walls.

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